Our work

Mission coherent infrastructure

We believe in empowering organisations with self-sufficiency in their work. In doing so, we have advised and trained dozens of burgeoning tech teams and individuals to secure and administer infrastructure for their at-risk groups, alongside giving carefully localised workshops in operations and information security to non-technical audiences.

We also believe infrastructure should be as ethical as the organisations that use it - mission coherent - and so take pride in deployments at datacenters powered solely by renewable energy.

At a larger scale, this has brought us to work closely with international environmental defense NGOs, under strict non-disclosure, in the auditing and securing of their digital and physical operational environments. It has also found us assisting rapidly emerging global movements, as outlined in the case study below.

Case Study

In 2018 we saw a young Extinction Rebellion beginning to mobilise on highly insecure infrastructure, from Google suites to Slack. We acted quickly, deploying and securing productivity, communication and community platforms atop some 2 dozen servers for the movement. We went on to provide infrastructural and operational security support for the movement, now spanning over 1100 groups worldwide. These servers, some of which host 5-figure populations, have resisted attack from powerful adversaries throughout XR’s growth into a global movement.

For more, see this lecture at the 36th Chaos Communication Congress Leipzig, 2019.

Technical and security overviews begin at minute 22. Please note the platform space has evolved since this lecture was recorded, and as such some of the challenges facing some of the platforms cited do not necessarily reflect their current condition today.

The lecture can also be viewed on the CCC media portal.