Operations Security

It's better to prevent than heal

Our proven, battle-tested operational security guidance has protected organisations and front line activists the world over, some in the harshest of operational environments. Before you plan your next campaign or mission, have a chat with us to ensure you’re locked down and good to go.

Lock it down

Adversaries are a natural expression of any world-changing work, a part of the operational environment. Preparing with this in mind builds team confidence and morale, while ensuring the worst outcomes are avoided.

  1. Data sharing and data hygiene
  2. Device security and lockdown
  3. Counter-surveillance
  4. Infiltration and social engineering: detection, mitigation and resilience
  5. Threat modeling, adversarial projection
  6. Pre- and post-arrest planning

Security provisions

Our relationship with our clients is under strict NDA. Any process documentation is stored and shared with clients on our strongly end-to-end encrypted and self-hosted document server, with AES-XTS encryption at the file system.

Please note we strictly work with non-violent forms of protest, actions and civil disobedience.

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