Infrastructure Deployments

Secure and tailored platform solutions for your organisation or movement, with training to administer them

Your organisation’s data is on someone else’s computer. Decentralising to self-hosted and sovereign infrastructure -shaped and branded around your needs- is a crucial step to mitigating threats, building trust and working to your full potential.

A home of your own

All the productivity, communication and storage services we deploy are time-tested and enterprise-ready yet free and open source. This means no ongoing licensing costs. They are carefully set up and tuned atop a dedicated or co-lo server on your account. We employ best-practice security standards, from seizure-resistant disk-encryption to a dedicated VPN for administration.

All deployments are no-to-low carbon, solely performed at our certified green partner datacenters in Switzerland, Germany, Iceland and Aotearoa / New Zealand (pertaining to jurisdictional requirements).

In setting you up with your new digital home, we work with your domain name and branding, to ensure visual coherence across the suites.

  • Website
  • Webmail
  • Cloud
  • Collaborative document editing
  • Surveys
  • Mailing list and campaign manager
  • Team Chat
  • VPN
  • Discussion forum
  • Video conferencing

With each platform comes a dedicated ‘train the trainer’ session and video documentation to get you going.

Get in contact with us for a walkthrough of these services and what they can offer your organisation or movement.

Migration support

We understand you will have a lot of data on 3rd party platforms. You’d be surprised however how much can be moved to self-hosted alternatives. Where possible, we offer full end-to-end migration support to ensure all your data is safe sound, up and running in your new digital home.


Your operational independence is important to us. Our 1:1 workshops, video training and documentation will ensure your tech team are fully equipped to run and maintain your new productivity platforms. When you’re ready, we are locked out, and you can sail off on your own with support from us along the rest of your journey.

Security provisions

  • Fully E2EE chat, file and document storage
  • AES-XTS 512 seizure-resistant disk encryption
  • SSH via initramfs for secure boot and runtime decryption
  • Battle-tested active and passive firewalling
  • 24/7 IDS (intrusion detection)
  • Full service isolation at the virtualisation layer
  • Daily offsite and incremental encrypted backups
  • IPv4 and IPv6 OpenVPN or Wireguard for platform and system administration, and to secure your team in their day-to-day work

Contact us

Get in touch to talk over your options with us, and a walkthrough of what is on offer.