Start strong

Our bootstrapping package will help you get going

Fire in your hands but don’t know where to start? Our bootstrapping package will help your burgeoning organisation or movement get going, with everything from team structure basics, role holding and decision making, through to chat, cloud webmail solutions, and a site to get your name out there.

Build on firm ground

Starting can be tricky. And yet feeling unsure is a good sign - you want to get it right.

In our work with groups the world over we have seen that having a solid digital platform base to work atop, alongside a clearly defined purpose and working structure, is often what it takes for a young organisation or movement to bloom.

Requirements analysis

Our bootstrapping package begins with a requirements analysis, to get a sense of your needs as you understand them. The following areas are covered to see if any need work:

  1. Scale and growth expectations
  2. Mission statement and purpose
  3. Organisational structure
  4. Decision making
  5. Messaging and opening campaign
  6. Website and platform needs

Seed platforms

Platforms in our Bootstrap package include:

  • Webmail
  • Website
  • Forum
  • End-to-end encrypted team chat

All can be branded around your domain and graphical identity.

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