Penetration Testing and Security Auditing

Find peace of mind through a full-stack security audit of your organisation

Up and running, but unsure of your operation’s security? Worried about organisational breaches, infiltration or sabotage? While our security auditing and penetration testing may reveal mission-critical vulnerabilities, we will provide you with rapid and best-practice pathways to mitigate them.

White, Grey, Black

Dependent on context and needs, we can offer White Box (full knowlege of operation), Gray Box (some knowledge of operation), or Black Box (no knowledge of operation) audits, presenting clients with a full report of the discovered attackable surfaces under strict NDA.

Our audit spectrum

  • Network applications
  • Org/client devices
  • Mobiles, network appliances and IoT devices
  • Data storage, data sharing
  • Physical security controls
  • Infiltration and social engineering
  • Authentication and credentials
  • Supply chain inputs and interfaces

Security provisions

Our relationship with our clients is under strict NDA. Our process documentation is stored and shared with clients on our strongly end-to-end encrypted and self-hosted document server, with AES-XTS encryption at the file system. Our network and application pentesting is performed exclusively from a jailed virtual machine created for the job, on a locked-down GNU/Linux workstation.

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Penetration Testing and Security Audits not only keep your organisation safe, but they can help you reach compliance and build public confidence.

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